How To Structure Six Figure Paydays By Structuring Seven  Figure Financing Solutions!

People Pay For Solutions,
 Not Problems!

The Software: Tools

The Training

The Training: The Blueprint

Financing Is The Game Of
Buying And Selling Money!

Structuring 6 Or Figure Transaction 
Is Relatively Simple Process
And Is Easy To Do!

It's It Easy To Do But Hard To Believe!
That's The Challenge For Most People!

To Structure 6 And 7 Figure Deals, 
You Only Need To Understand A Few Really Simple Solutions And Formulas.

 Rules For Playing The Financing Game!

  • To Make Money You Must Make Deals!
  • To Make Deals You Must Make Offers!
  • To Make Offers You Need Knowledge!
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    To Make Offers You Need Tools And Resources!

Some People Buy Real Estate,
And Others Make Money!

You Can Do Both!

The Secrets To Winning The Financing Game Is To Have A Winning Hand!

The Not So Common Perspectives To Remember!

  • Buyers Are Never Paid! That's What Buyers Do! 
  • Buyers Expect To Pay!
  • Sellers Are Always Paid! That's What Sellers Do!
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    Sellers Expect To Be Paid!
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    Sellers Will ALWAYS Pay For Buyers!
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    Sellers Will Pay For Solutions!

Phase 1: Profits Are Planned
The Step Planning Process  

  • Step 1: Set Your Target Amount! Know Your Why ! 
  • Step 2: Set Your Target Date! Know Your When!
  • Step 3: Engineer Your Path
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    Step 4: Pre Sell Everything!!
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    Step 5: Know Your Numbers!
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    Step 6: Review Your Plan
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    Step 7: Set A Start Date
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    Step 8: Start Executing Your Plan!

Your Options Are Numerous!        

  • Make Offers To Purchase Commercial Income Properties Full Price! No Capital Required!
  • Make Offers To Finance Large Construction Projects As A Fee Based Service. No Capital Required!
  • Flip Commercial Properties In 30 Days!
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    Flip And Finance Commercial Notes!
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    Engineer Strategic Discounted Payoff !
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    Work With Realtors Expired Listing For Easy Profits!
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    Broker 1 Large Commercial Loans And Be Done!
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    Sell Consulting Services For FREE Equity!

Know Your Numbers And
Build On Your Strengths!       

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    A $10 M Dollar Solution Would  Pay $100K
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    A $100 M Dollar Solution Would Pay $1M
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    You Set Your Bar!
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    Be Your First Client!- Commit To Debt Elimination!

The Financing Document Creator Creates The RIGHT Documents You Need To Start Making Deals!   

The App Without The Training Is Worthless And The Training Without The App Is Worthless!
 So We Are Including Both
 In  This Package!       

Here's What's Included In Our
Pre Launch Package:

  • 1 Lifetime License To The FDC Plugin- 1 Site License  Value: $149.00
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    Master Class Video Training Course
    Retail Value $2,500.00
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    The Seven Figure Formula Training And Blue Print
    Retail Value: $595.00
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    Lifetime Access To Our Private Members Site
    Retail Value: $1,500.00
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    60 Days Of PRIVATE Group Training And Mentoring
    Retail Value: $2,800.00
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    How To Sell Your Service Training Course
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    Free Plugin Installation
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